Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How It All Started.

I started my husband out on this low carb diet. I would eat a maple frosted doughnut and wash it down with a pepsi while I checked out of the store with his low carb food. Hide crackers and candy and eat them while he was at work. BUT...he started losing pounds and I gained them. I was at 155. He was at 265. Then he was at 195 and I was still at 155. I started the diet and didn't lose as fast as him ( the woman thing, I guess ) I didn't think I could do it. Then one morning I stepped on the scale and it said 152. I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself. Something I rarely did. The next time the scale said 145. I went and bought a new outfit, and had fun doing it. It wasn't long until I was 135. That's what I weighed in 1974, when I graduated High School. My son said " Gosh Mom, you're skinny. " I can't even explain how that made me feel. I could go buy clothes without even trying them on. I struggled and won. So I know low carb works. If I can do it after 50 years of bad eating habits. Anyone can. Don't think about yesterday or tomorrow. Just have the will power to get through today. And be proud that you did.A day at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. Then look at yourself in the mirror and SMILE : )


  1. Low carb is the only way I can lose weight and not feel sick and weak and starving. I took off 65 pounds in 99. Sadly I kept putting on the same 30 pounds and taking it off from 01 to present...but without realizing it was even happening ahd put on all 65 again. Dunkin Donuts moved in at the end of my street!!! Now I am 30 pounds down and have another 35 to go!

  2. Hi Bren. Oh wow, a donut place that close???? That would be dangerous for me.