Monday, January 26, 2009

A Few Low Carb Tips

The Low Carb diet really worked for my husband a I. We went to no caffeine, sugar, potatoes , bread, pasta for the first 2 weeks, Only eating 21 carbs per day. The pounds started falling off. We ate non-breaded meats, cheese, mushrooms,squash, (roasted in the oven with a little olive oil ) salads (watching the dressing for carbs). Eggs and omelet's filled with meat and cheese. Lots of roasted Nuts, and To replace the chips we missed we will fry grated cheese in a non-stick skillet until melted and cooled and eat pork rinds ( 0 carbs )
When we lost the weight we wanted, we only added carbs by wheat bread, found low carb tortillas for wraps loaded with cream cheese, ham and lettuce, and the low carb pasta I sell on my site. Half-Caff coffee, and diet drinks.The sweet tooth is the biggest difficulty we ran in to. I started making my husband Sugar free instant pudding with cream instead of milk and adding the whipped cream in the spray can ( no Carbs). Russell Stover has some excellent low carb candies that helped us until I developed my cookies. My recipes for the Low Carb Chocolate Cookie is my best seller and our personal favorite. Each cookie only has 1 carb, but big chocolate taste. I have found that reading labels takes a long time while shopping. But after a while you kind of know what has carbs and what doesn't. Be warned, that if a product says sugar-free or low-fat doesn't always mean low carb. Read, Read, Read the labels. You can see my products and testimonials at I have all kinds of sweets, breakfast items, pasta, salsa, and soup. And Shopping for clothes in smaller sizes is SO much fun. Take my word for it, You don't have to go hungry on the low carb diet. It's worth it to look in the mirror and like what you see.

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