Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breakfast Ideas ?????

I'm tired of eggs. Need something low carb I can grab and eat. Don't want to cook it or do dishes.
Give me some ideas..Please????


  1. Do you like protein shakes? I often use those as a quick breakfast. There are "shaker cups" out there that make prep and clean up a snap.

    How about nuts? Some LCers do okay with them. Others do not. If they work for you, almonds are pretty good way to go.

    I know Jimmy Moore likes low carb wraps. If you cook some breakfast sausage in advance ... you could simply wrap the sausage in an LC tortilla and add some cheese or mayo or mustard and warm it up in the microwave.

    I haven't baked in awhile but, in the past, I've made some coconut flour cheddar bisquits. Those are good "grab and go" options. Here's where I got that recipe:


    I hope this helps! :)

  2. Thanks Harry. I think I could do the almond thing. I love them. I'll check out the recipe for the biscuits

  3. What about 'heating it up "? You could get bacon that already is cooked.. heat it up for a few seconds.. umm brain dead here lol