Saturday, February 7, 2009

Written In My Response To An Email About Low Carb Not Being A Healthy Choice.

I am aware that people have different Low Carb Diet ideas, plans and beliefs. This is what works for me.

You can low carb in a healthy way. You reduce your carb intake at first by cutting out the sugars and the white bleached flours, the starchy carbs.Which is healthy in itself. You also cut out Caffeine.You naturally lose weight,

To maintain your weight loss.You still eat all your food groups. You just make wiser choices.
Go here to see The Weight Loss Pyramid

Low carb follows this also, we just learn the amount of carbs in our choices and pick low carb veggie's - fruits -breads ( like whole wheat and brown rice)

Take a look at the Food Pyramid here.

We limit our sweets, Some actually cut out sugar completely. ( That's a good thing)

Still eat the 2-3 serving in the dairy, just aware of the carb count

2-3 servings in the Meat group, staying away from breaded,fried choices(more baked & broiled)

3-5 servings in the Vegetable group ( probably more ) but choose low carb veggie's.

2-4 servings in the Fruit group ( maybe smaller portions, but choose low carb fruits)

6-11 in the bread group ( not this many, but try to stay with whole wheat)

And you gets LOTS of Fiber on this diet ( Which we all need)
Lots of Water ( Which is good)
And I personally drink oolong and green tea ( no sugar added) Which is full of antioxidants.

You can still have a very healthy, balanced diet On The Low Carb Plan
And even Enjoy sweets, if you can't drop the habit.
That's why I started baking and selling my low carb sweets.
For those of us that need a goody now and then.
See them at

We've all heard in the recent past, that Wine,Eggs, Nuts and Chocolate Are Good For You Now. Just use common sense and eat them in moderation.

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  1. Good day, Carolyn.

    Nice blog you have here. :)

    I think I undoubtedly eat more veggies since switching to an LC lifestyle.

    I need to make a conscious effort to eat more fruits (besides tomatoes and avocados). I plan on adding some organic berries and organic pumpkin into my (almost) daily protein shakes. I'll see how that works out.

    Thanks for all the good information. I plan on exploring your site more as time permits.

    Be well.